About Koprivnica

CIVITAS DYN@MO project includes 6 measures:

In order to make traffic in Koprivnica more efficient, safer and quieter and public transport economically acceptable to all citizens, but also appealing to those with mobility problems; to meet the parameters of the European Union which promote low emissions vehicles and non-motorized traffic, our intention is to involve as many citizens in spatial-transport planning within the City. This achieves the basic principle of transparency, and the traffic in the city will be better for all the citizens of Koprivnica and areas gravitating to the city. Therefore, the citizens are invited to each public event on the SUMP, the public debates on the regulation of streets , and also motivated through contacts in the leaflet : SUMP - Involvement of citizens’ support to comment and propose their vision of space-traffic topics in their streets, squares, their ideas of the public transportation, new ways of urban planning and others.

The analysis of the current state of the transport system of the City of Koprivnica was made in late 2014 to determine the initial state in the project, but also in the city of Koprivnica, given the time elapsed since the last traffic study. After the draft document, the Department of traffic planning of the Faculty of Traffic Sciences, together with the City of Koprivnica, SUMP Competence Centre and other partners has developed the vision, goals, measures and parameters of SUMP-which were presented to the public in June 2015, after which SUMP was accepted by the City Council.