About us

Welcome to platform of the Competence cater for sustainable urban mobility plan for south-Eastern Europe!

Competence center (SUMP) is established within the CIVITAS DYN@MO project and in cooperation with Baltic Sea Region Competence Centre. It is run by the city of Koprivnica with the support of the University North, Gdansk University, Lund University and Sustainable cities Commission UBC. It was co-financed through the CIVITAS DYN@MO project, and will represent the centre of knowledge on innovative methods of planning urban mobility, which will bring the quality of life in our cities closer to the most successful European cities.

Our goal is to assist cities of the wider region to make Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) by providing information and support, through exchanging experiences and training. We will share our knowledge and experience acquired through the CIVITAS DYN@MO project, practical experience and examples of other cities in the region, as well as examples of most successful European practices. Fundamental European documents and links to appropriate pages will offer all necessary information for learning about the processes and news and events at the European level, as well as different documents from Croatian ministries and EU Funds. The language of the center is Croatian, and best practice examples will be written in their original language, in languages of our region, while examples and fundamental European documents will be in English, and if needs be, in Croatian.

The Competence Centre for SUMP Koprivnica is on campus of the University North, Trg Žarka Dolinara 1, Koprivnica. We invite you to actively cooperate and offer mutual support. Let this platform become our joint classroom as our needs and problems are very similar and the ways of overcoming problems and finding best solutions can also be similar! Post questions and suggestions on: marko.stancec@koprivnica.hr

CIVITAS DYN@MO project promotes sustainable mobility, innovative transport solutions, includes and encourages the participation of the public about making decisions as well as promoting the way of life in accordance with the environment. The project is co-financed by the European Commission through the CIVITAS Initiative. The Initiative works through the city network CIVINET. CIVINET Slovenia - Croatia unites cities and interested organizations in Slovenia, Croatia and other countries in the region.