Čakovec introduces public e-bicycle system

Celebrating the day of the city of Čakovec, on May 29, 2015., the first public service for riding e-bicycles in Čakovec, the so-called „Štromček“, was released. Bicycles can be recharged and rented at two locations in the city: in front of the Macanov Dom and in front of the Second Elementary School in Čakovec. The system was opened and tested by the Minister of the Environmental and Nature Protection, Mihael Zmajlović, and the Mayor of Čakovec Stjepan Kovač.

„I am extremely proud that Čakovec is one of the first cities in Croatia in which its citizens can ride electric bicycles. Two stations have been set up, and they will enable our citizens to rent a bike for an hour, run their errands in the city or here in the south, and return the bike to its station”, said the Mayor of Čakovec Stjepan Kovač and announced the possibility of further charging stations.

„We are implementing a whole range of measures and offer subsidies in order to encourage citizens to use cleaner types of transportation, and one of them is the e-bicycles project in Čakovec, which is worth one million Croatian kuna. Citizens and tourists can now use 20 electric bicycles which are, it is important to mention, produced in Croatia. These kinds of projects help save the environment, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and contribute towards reducing climate changes and increase the citizens’ quality of life”, said Minister Zmajlović.

Electric bicycles can reach the speed of up to 25km/h and represent a cheaper alternative to motorbikes, and are ideal for travelling through the town. The value of the whole project is around one million Croatian kuna, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund co-financed the project with approximately 40% of the value, while the rest was ensured in the city budget.

Citizens can use the e-bicycle system after signing a contract and receiving a user’s card in GP Ekom or at the City’s swimming pool. The bicycles are available daily from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and can be rented for 60 minutes. After that they should be returned to the stand, where they will wait for another user. Using the system will be free of charge until October 01, 2015.