Electric cars in the region, Example of Koprivnica/Nextbike Šibenik

Will there ever be a time when we will only be able to see cars using gas, especially diesel, in old-timer exhibitions?

Are electric cars the vehicles of the future?

What happened to good old bicycles?

The most beautiful, comprehensive and affirmative video on electric cars in the region was made by AL Jazeera Balkans. Congratulations to Sarajevo journalists who made a lot of effort to research the wider context of the story.

The video includes:

- Introduction to electric cars theme

- Good example of introducing electric cars and charging stations in Koprivnica

- Electric bicycles project of Kampus Koprivnica

- Commentary of Mr Saša Cvetojević on cost-effectiveness of e-cars

- Successful example of introducing the public bicycle system (NEXTBIKE) in the city of Šibenik