Electro bus starts operating in Koprivnica

On October 22, 2015, during its first test ride from Campus to Starigrad, Koprivnica introduced the first electro mini bus, which will stop at all stops on this test line, and the ride will be free for all passengers. For the time being, the buses operate in two directions on the line: Campus – City Stadium - Ulica braće Radić – Bjelovarska cesta - Krešimirova 2 (Pod lipama) - Starigrad.
The first public transportation in Koprivnica will be conducted by electro buses with 12 seats for passengers, according to the timetable which is adjusted to the current regime of electric chargers and with the possibility of change at the beginning of 2016.
Advantages of electric bus are numerous: they are environmentally friendly, noiseless and represent a step in the direction of cleaner, more cost- effective and energetically efficient transportation. Citizens will be able to use it for an everyday ride around the city and thus contribute to the development of the public transportation in Koprivnica but also to the development of the transportation technology at the European level.
Public transportation using the electro buses is introduced within the CIVITAS DYN@MO project, in order to improve the quality of life in the city. Citizens can actively contribute to the further development of the public transportation in the city of Koprivnica by regularly using the buses, expressing their opinion on this service and the need to expand the route network. The service is still in the testing stages, both from the technological and organizational aspect. Citizens will be informed of all possible changes through public city media.