More charging stations for e-vehicles to be opened

As the interest of citizens for e-vehicles is contantly increasing, more units of local and regional governments recognize the importance of building appropriate infrastructure. Therefore, more cities in Croatia are opening their charging stations for e-vehicles, in order to make their use more appealing, namely Pula, Velika Gorica, Split, Makarska and Rijeka.
A new charging station was opened in the vicinity of the Amphitheater in Pula, and at the same time, the eRoaming platform was introduced, whose goal is to reduce the costs of bilateral integrations among various local and regional operators of the charging stations network when they want to enable access to different service providers. The platform offers a range of functionalities such as the exchange of statistical (geolocation information) and dynamic data on charging stations, possibilities of distance reservations for the use of the station, distance starting and turning off the charging process upon the operator’s order if they do not have a charging station within their direct portfolio and the exchange of information among different operators in the charging station network.
The city of Velika Gorica, together with partners Ekoregija Velika Gorica and Development Agency of the city of Velika Gorica VEGORA, presented the project of introducing the public infrastructure for e-vehicles. The value of the project is HRK 450.000 and is co-funded by the Environmental Protection Fund in the amount of HRK 120.000. Five charging stations were opened that recharge a typical e-vehicle in 60 minutes. They are located in parking lots next to the Fire House Velika Gorica, Open University Velika Gorica, next to Goričanka, at Trg Stjepana Radića and next to the Farmer’s Market. The stations will be run by VG Komunalac, and are free of charge for the next two years.
In late July, the charging stations opened in the Split area as well. The first of five Hrvatski Telekom charging stations was opened at the Split airport, for e-vehicles in the Splitsko-Dalmatinska County. Apart from the Airport, the stations are located within Park Hotel, Cornaro Hotel, City Centre One Split and Aparthotela Miramar in Makarska. Interactive platform eRoaming will also be available for use, which shows locations and status of electric charging stations. The Airport charging station was opened by the Governor of Splitsko-dalmatinska County Zlatko Ževrnja, who stated: „This action promotes eMobilily and the creation of charging stations infrastructure for e-vehicles with the aim to connect the entire County, and, by using the e-platform, to join the European charging stations network. Thanks to subsidies of the Environmental Protection Fund, more and more Croatian citizens are interested in acquiring electric vehicles, and in order to meet the growing interest and needs of our citizens and tourists, the County decided to get involved in this pilot activity”.
In Rijeka, four charging stations for e-vehicles were opened within the “Zagrad B” garage. Companies PARKING TIM and Garaže Rijeka, in cooperation with the company Schneider Electric, enable free charging of e-vehicles in the garage. Two charging stations are freestanding, and two are mounted in the wall. All are equipped with the card reader necessary for authorization and the stations mounted in the wall have a touch-screen for entering a pin number.