Public service for using e-bikes in Pula

The city of Pula introduces public service for e-bicycle transport on July 10, within the Movesmart project.
At the press conference in the Information Centre EDIC Pula-Pola on Giardini, the Mayor of Pula Boris Miletić emphasized how happy he is that the old-fashioned name for bicycles is being used, “Bičikleto“, which represents the Pula part of the European project Movesmart. “All citizens and visitors will be able to use eight electric bikes located at two locations, and whose lease is free of charge. Pula is a co-signer of the charter which commits us to reduce the emission of harmful gases by the year 2020 and encourage energy efficiency, and this represents a step towards fulfilling that goal”, said the Mayor.
The head of the Information, International Cooperation and European Policies Department Kristina Fedel Timovski emphasized the advantages of the project, among which is the new computer application „Live traffic report“. “By using this app, we can see where each of the e-bikes is at that very moment and ensure better insurance for the whole project. The app uses the latest real time systems on smartphones, which will certainly further increase the citizens’ interest”, said Fedel Timovski.
The e-bicycles are located on two locations: Giardini 2 and the Town Farmer’s market (next to the Markat restaurant - ex Sljeme). In order to get registered, sign a contract and receive a user card, potential users need to go to the Information Centre EDIC Pula – Pola (Giardini 2, 52100 Pula).
The pilot project is currently being tested with 300 magnetic cards and has reached its maximum. Due to the large interest of citizens, the project will be increased by the end of the year by additional 10 e-bikes, after a public tender published by the national Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency. Apart from that, two new charging stations will be put up, one of which is planned for the Verudela peninsula.
The project is realized within the scope of activities of the Movesmart project financed through European program FP7 and is worth €175,000. The project will, among other things, evaluate the energy consumption and environmental impact as well as test the intensity and the manner of using electric bicycles by end users.