Šibenik is a town with the first public bicycles system in Dalmatia

Šibenik has officially become the first town in Dalmatia which has started the public bicycle sharing system, thanks to the City Administration initiative, the subsidy of the Environmental Protection Fund and the support of the Šibenik Tourist Association. This summer, this good example could be followed by the city of Zadar, which has published an open tender for the acquisition of equipment, and which will become the second town in Dalmatia to introduce the bike-sharing system in a very short period of time. This positive story does not end here - as this summer will see the introduction of Nextbike in Gospić. Nextbike Public Bicycles System has more than 6500 registered users in Zagreb and Šibenik. The users have accumulated more than 130.000 km. By using this type of transportation instead of using cars, the emission of carbon dioxide has been reduced for about 35 tones. Registered users can use Nextbikes in more than 80 cities around the world!

Nextbike webpage is available in four locations which were defined within the pilot project in Šibenik. Those are Poljana, Gat Krka, Šubićevac and Baldekin. The relocation of some stations is possible in the future, depending on the number of users.

The Mayor of Šibenik, Željko Burić, said during the opening of the System: «We are extremely proud that it was Šibenik to receive this title as the projects such as this one are completely in accordance with directive of European Union, but also with the vision and plans of the Town Government related to sustainable development. Good results of the pilot project leave even the greatest sceptics speechless and by introducing the bike-sharing system, Šibenik is now permanently on the map of the most desirable cyclotourist destinations at the Adriatic coast. At the same time we are improving the public transportation in the city which improves the citizens’ quality of life. Our end goal is the integrated public transportation system which will soon consolidate buses, electric boats, taxis and public bicycles, with the improvement of the transport infrastructure. Šibenik is a city of tourism and green industries. Apart from our beautiful walking trail, Nextbike public bike sharing system introduces another quality step towards achieving that goal, making our citizens proud and having a positive impact on the protection of the environment, improvement of our health and quality of life in the city. We thank the company Public Bicycles System which fulfilled and exceeded our expectations regarding the price and the quality of the offer. I would also like to thank Vipnet and Technomarket for their support to the project through their investment in a very attractive and innovative method of advertising on public bikes, which shows their social responsibility and care for the local community as the income generated through those ads coves the majority of the system maintenance costs and thus enables considerable savings for the city budget“.

Director of Public Bicycles System d.o.o., Krešimir Dvorski, on the introduction of the system and the ambitions of Nextbike:

„This Pilot project was an opportunity we did not want to miss because our town deserves the best. We will continue to try to be worthy of a good story which is created in Šibenik, primarily thanks to the young team in the City Government with a clear vision of the city’ s further development. Users can pay for the service with credit cards but also via text messages thanks to our partner companies Vipnet and Trilix. As of today the service is available to HT users as well. Also, as of today, there is a considerably cheaper tariff model for Šibenik users, which is already in use in Zagreb and which will soon be implemented in other Croatian cities. The Public Bicycles System encourages other projects in Šibenik aimed at promoting cycling culture, tourist offers and environmental awareness. We introduced Bed & Bike concept to private accommodation providers yesterday, which is an innovative blend of private accommodation, offering budget friendly prices and at the same time, the most fun and green method of transportation allowing the tourists to enjoy the most beautiful sights and landscapes Šibenik has to offer“.

Public bicycles are an addition to the public transport in the city and considerably contribute to the reduction of congestion and parking problems, as well as to the protection of the environment and to the tourist offer, positioning Šibenik as a desirable cyclotourist destination, making the season longer and generally contributing towards the improvement of the life quality in the city. The most important factor in the crisis is the fact that it saves our citizens’ money for public transportation, and at the same time, cycling is beneficial for health. Good examples in many European cities show that such innovative systems as these fit perfectly in the images of the city. Following the example of many of the world's cities, the citizens of Šibenik will be able to, for example, go to the library by bike. All bicycles are equipped with an automatic transmission Shimano 3-speed gear shift, front and rear lights, a basket for transporting goods, the front and rear torpedo brake. Bicycles are extremely robust and resistant to all weather conditions.

Basic information on using the bicycles
In order to rent a bicycle in Šibenik, it is necessary to go through a simple and quick registration procedure on http://www.nextbike.hr/hr/sibenik/ where additional instructions are available. Additionally, a call centre is available for all users, every day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. including weekends and holidays.

Account activation costs HRK 79.00 and this amount remains on the account as "credit" for the bicycle rental, where the first 30 minutes each day are free of charge, and it is clear that in Sibenik this time would suffice to ride from one end of the city to the other. Practice has shown, both in Zagreb and in other European cities, that such a tariff model provides a cost-optimized solution for all those who recognize the benefits of this type of transport.

Bicycles are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. In the event of failure, regular maintenance service is provided that will also keep track of the optimal allocation of bicycles on all four stations - ensuring timely redistribution of bicycles from the stations with excess of bicycles to other stations where they are missing at any given moment. Additional information can be found in the Tourist Information Centre and agencies Nik and MAGTOURS, in the office or in Autotransport Nextbike Customer Service every day between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. or on 01 777 6534.

Citizens and tourists no longer have to fear the theft of bicycles. The distinctive look and registered Nextbike bikes will allow users to carelessly ride through the city. Public Bicycle System brings Šibenik numerous benefits of public interest, improving the city's image, allowing the creation of new jobs within the project as well as related tourist activities.

Public Bicycle System d.o.o. was founded in 2013. It is a licenced partner and an exclusive representative of the German company Nextbike GmbH from Leipzig, which is present in over 80 cities in 14 countries on 4 continents. Public Bicycle System enables users a fast, easy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly mode of transport with the slogan: "Sit down and ride!" The system of public bicycles receives many awards for their work. In March, it received Golden Index. In fact, according to research of Hendal, students consider the Public Bicycle System the best company in the category of small and medium companies, according to its socially responsible behavior. Public Bicycle System was declared the best start-up of the green economy in 2014, and this year they won the award for best marketing campaign in the "green" environment and the company holds the prestigious Green Mark certification for excellence. They are also the winners of DM Green City Award for special contribution to protecting the environment. The Ministry of Entrepreneurship rewarded them a non-refundable aid for the expansion of the network of stations with public bicycles. They are frequent guests in business meetings focused on socially responsible entrepreneurship, green technology and environmental protection. Letters of support for the company system of public bicycles were sent from the Office of the Croatian President, Green Building Council, Croatian National Tourist Board, cycling associations and other reputable institutions, organizations and companies. One of the many awards is the prize of the Croatian Association of Employers for the care of the environment.