SUMP in our region

SUMP in Croatia

TRANSPORT DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA (2014- 2030) More on the Strategy which introduced the term SUMP, as well as the data and sector analysis could be read on (link) Cities: Novigrad: the city Novigrad-Cittanova is located on the north-western shore of the Istria Peninsula, about 25 km from the Slovenian border. It is about 15 km away from nearby cities - Poreč, Umag and Buje. The city area is 27 km2, from Dajla in the north to the estuary of river Mirna in the south. The city officially encompasses five borroughs. According to 2011 Census, Novigrad –…
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SUMP in Slovenia

Ljubljana: Political, scientific and cultural center, with more than 280.000 inhabitants, the biggest Slovenian city and its most important business centre. Demonstration city in two CIVITAS projects: MOBILIS and ELAN, Ljubljana is greatly fulfilling its vision to be a city on a human scale. The transport strategy, whose measures have successfully transformed the city into a model of sustainable mobility, has made Ljubljana an example for the entire region and Europe. Ljutomer: A municipality of 11,773 inhabitants living in the area of 107 km2. The municipality has 44 villages and is located at the junction ofthe Pannonian Plainwith the SlovenianGorice.…
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